Hushed and Grim Deluxe 180 Gram LP

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Hushed and Grim Deluxe 180 Gram LP is Mastodon store exclusive! Complete with 180 gram Deluxe 2 LP with gold foil logo jacket, extended art gatefold, including a 16 page saddle-stitch booklet and 27" removable poster.' 


  1. Pain With An Ancor
  2. The Crux
  3. Sickle and Peace
  4. More Than I Can Chew
  5. The Beast
  6. Skeleton Of Splendor
  7. Teardrinker
  8. Pushing The Tides
  9. Peace And Tranquility
  10. Dagger
  11. Had It All
  12. Savage Lands
  13. Gobblers Of Dregs
  14. Eyes Of Serpents
  15. Gigantium

* previously unreleased

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